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Frequently Asked Questions:

1 / Adding a picture to your profile:

Log in. Navigate to "my account", click on the blank picture above your name on the column on the left, and it should allow you to upload an image. 

2 / If an account was made for you and you need to login:

For those whom an account was made for (current paid members): click on login, then click "login with email". Click "forgot password" and enter your email address. An email will be sent to set a new password.

3/ To update your account information:

To change your account info click "login" then navigate to "my account". This is where you can change and update your information. 

4 / To "follow" another member:

To follow each other: login, navigate to "members". Here you will see the members of the group and can follow or unfollow. The "followers" tab is to see who you are already following.

5 / If you have not paid your dues for the current year:

If you have not paid your dues yet for the year, you will need to make a new account and pay. Your old account was not transferred over.

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